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Project Experience
Project Experience

Contract Title

Debris Pile Remediation


Former USCG LORAN Station, Ilio Point, Molokai, Hawaii.


USCG-Civil Engineering Unit, Honolulu

Contract #





10/01/10 – 7/31/11

Point of Contact

Tammy Kao, 808-535-3474, Tammy.K.Kao@uscg.mil


NAICS: 238990, 562910

Scope of Work

Provided management, supervision, equipment, materials, and trained personnel to vacuum and remove of approximately 130 cubic yards of PCB contaminated debris and soil located at the bottom of a 75-foot cliff by the ocean in Ilio Point, island of Molokai, Hawaii. The debris consists of electrical equipment, batteries, metal, wood, glass, brick, and other miscellaneous waste. Because of the harsh terrain, the debris piles were removed by hand and by vacuuming using a vacuum loader staged atop the 75-ft cliff. Debris was characterized, packaged, manifested and transported to Chemical Waste Management of North West, Arlington, Oregon, for disposition. Soil/rock samples at the bottom of the debris piles were collected and analyzed for verification of the removal meeting remediation goals; The analytical results of all confirmation samples indicated that all contaminants have been successfully removed.  Project scope also includes preparation of work plan, site-specific health and safety plan, sampling and analysis plan and remedial verification report.